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Available Classes 


A variety of classes are offered from age 3 to age 12 and beyond, from novice to experienced. If you are unsure which class is best for your son or daughter, we will can have an informal interview to ensure your child is placed in the class. Our goal is to place your son or daughter in a setting that they will enjoy and learn in an unstressful atmosphere.


45 minute class. Ages 3-4. This class is a blend of creative movement, music and improvisation. It provides an age appropriate introduction to classical dance. Imagination, expressiveness and the joy of movement are the focus for our youngest dancers


Ballet Stories I:

45 minute class. This unique approach provides an introduction to dance and drama using stories, props, music and mime to inspire and instruct. The focus of this 45 minute class is creativity and cooperation with other children.


Ballet Stories II:

55 minute class. Ballet I introduces young dancers to barre work, position of feet and arms and proper dance vocabulary. Children learn basic steps including polka, chasse, sauté, turning and partner patterns. A continued emphasis is place don cooperation, expressiveness and the joy of movement


Performing Arts:

This dance class will explore several styles of dance and music. The focus is on performance, cooperation and fun!An intrical part of Forrest Grace program are scheduled demonstration performance events guests include international musicians and artists and most recently Boston Ballet.

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