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Forrest Grace makes dance and enrichment programs available to empower girls and boys residing in under served communities. In partnership with non-profit organizations, we provide resources and opportunities for each child to reach their fullest potential.


Since 2009, Forrest Grace has strived to uncover and celebrate the creative and caring spirit in ALL of us. In class, children are constantly encouraged and guided to develop emotional intelligence, emotional discipline and imagination all while celebrating diversity and themselves. Caring and cooperation are given the highest priority.


Programming is currently offered in partnership with cooperating/complimentary non-profits, such as the YMCA and Cambridge Public Schools. Costumes, dress code and support services are provided by Forrest Grace.


In addition to our current programming, our goals are to:

  • continue to partner with complementary non-profits to provide every child with a primary performing arts education and performance opportunities;

  • organize and facilitate play groups for families, pre-school and elementary age children;

  • compliment all our activities with academic support through homework groups, tutors and language/life skill adult education;

  • organize and facilitate outdoor activities, both recreational and service orientated, to create a sense of stewardship and environmental responsibility; and

  • provide families, adults, older children and college students with intern and volunteer opportunities.


Forrest Grace is devoted to building life skills and strong communities through development and participation in the arts. We support the families so they can best nurture their children into responsible, joyful, heroic adults.

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